LTD Weedless Underspin 2 pk

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Give your swimbaits more flash and vibration with the LTD Weedless Underspin. Built around a super sharp Mustad EWG hook, the LTD Weedless Underspin features a matte black tungsten belly weight on the shank of the hook that is ultra compact and provides a more natural presentation than hooks with a lead belly weight. The LTD Weedless Underspin also features a premium willow leaf blade attached by a ball bearing swivel that spins at any retrieve speed and a centering pin screw lock that allows for perfectly straight weedless rigging every time. Offered in a range of sizes to fit almost any soft plastic swimbait, the LTD Weedless Underspin will give your swimbait a whole new look that will trigger more strikes. 


Customer Reviews

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The one and only go to hook! I use this in all waterways! Durable, and great in grass!

Best thing Ever!!!!

I tried the weedless under spin hook in the silver color not to long ago and it worked amazing. I did some sight fishing with it and was very impressed with the motion in the water. Caught three redfish on it last weekend and there was no damage at all to the hook. I recommend it very highly!

Weedless underspin with artificial baits

Love the action the baits have and the way they swim. Haven’t had the chance to pull a fish in yet but I did pull the bait out their mouth cause my drag wasn’t set. Definitely gonna keep fishing the rig up and learn how to retrieve em with different twitches and jerks. Baits are super stretchy and not even a crab could cut through it. Well atleast the one I brought in didn’t cut it. Planning on ordering more of the baits and different colors. So far the black with the gold glitter is the one to fish with rn in lake Boudreaux off the bull roads. Just gotta set my drag and let em eat it before I go to set the hook

Best hook for redfish

Great for grassy and shallow water. Probably the best hook I’ve used for redfish. Goes well we basically any soft plastic lure and the underspin is like candy for fish!


Sev7n bait hit the nail on the head on this one!